Toddler long sleeve t-shirt sewing tutorial

Finished toddler t-shirt

So, our second little miss is growing at a rate of knots. She is just 6 months old and has outgrown her 00 wardrobe entirely and my collection of gorgeous hand-me-downs is all but depleted, so it is time for some sewing. Continue reading

Draft and sew your own wool and fleece nappy covers

Wool soaker in action

If you have a little one in cloth nappies/diapers and you were looking for a natural cover solution you may have come across wool covers (which are fantastic but I won’t go into all the benefits here – google it, you will be amazed) but then been bowled over by the price.
If you would like to have a go at making the cover above, check out my series on drafting a pattern and sewing a wool or fleece nappy cover on my other blog Continue reading

Baby or Toddler Shoes – the update I promised (better late than never right?)

Baby shoes Mk 2 - the finished product

A little while ago I posted a pattern and instructions for some cute, but time consuming baby shoes. I mentioned at the time, that I had come up with a less time consuming method, well I have finally got around to writing the post. Better late than never I suppose. Continue reading

Baby or Toddler Shoes – are you a sewing nerd like me?

Baby or toddler shoe in action


Are you a sewing nerd like me?

I found myself today, standing in front of the baby shoe section at the shops, there was a pair in my daughters size, they were perfectly presentable, and they were on special for $6.75. Instead of buying them however,I decided to spend the only available ‘baby sleeping time’ today making some instead.

What can I say, I am a sewing nerd, I have no logical justification for making these shoes, and I have no excuses that you can use either, but if you would like to have a go, the pattern is here and the instructions are below :) Continue reading

5 minute Baby and Toddler Leggings

...and that is the end of the story :)

I was so impressed with results of my Baby Legwarmers in 5 minutes for $3.50 project that I got to thinking about all those lovely stripy and patterned socks and how stretchy and forgiving they were to sew.

I came up with a crazy idea, and what do you know …

…It worked!

So here it is … Continue reading

Baby Legwarmers in 5 minutes for $3.50

Sock to legwarmer conversion

I have been wanting to get some leg warmers for our little one. We are doing a little toilet training, and getting all those winter layers on and off every time she needs to use the potty is a little tiresome.

Leg warmers are fab, one less thing to take off, and she doesn’t get so cold sitting on the potty. But at around $15 per pair…

…well like I tell my husband, It’s not that I don’t have it, I would just rather spend it on a Caribbean holiday:)

So… Continue reading

Ninja style up-cycled Size 1 tracksuit pants (and matching top)

Ninja style up-cycled tracksuit in action

So, I mentioned in my post Super quick and easy up-cycled toddler tracksuit that I had salvaged more than one tracksuit top from my husbands charity bag, well this little number is the results of my second toddler tracksuit transformation. Continue reading

Super quick and easy up-cycled toddler tracksuit – PART 1 Tracksuit Pants

Sew 4 Bub size one tracksuit pattern

This is the finished product in action

I was on my way to my workroom this afternoon to get started on the tutorial pictures for a lovely little size one hoodie (which I will get around to so stay tuned), when my husbands bag of clothes for charity caught my eye.

I had a bit of a rummage and found a tracksuit top that I just couldn’t resist doing a conversion on. I also found a few other pieces that will probably feature in future posts (so much for making more space in our appartment).

I had a play around and it turned out really well so I thought I would share.  This is a fun and super easy project – the finished product looks much fancier than the sewing involved.

Although this is about a 15 min project if you sew a lot, and around 30 min if you don’t, It turns out that it takes a lot longer than that to explain (or maybe I am just a bit wordy) So I have broken this down into 2 parts. Part one is the tracksuit pants.

Ok, so this is what I started with:

Man's Tracksuit top

The thing that is make or break on this project is the neckline of the original top. If it is not something similar to this one it will probably work out too big for your little ones head, so choose your top wisely. This was a (generous) medium size.

Other things you will need:

  • The pattern (you can download it in pdf format from here)
  • A piece of elastic the correct length for your little  ones waist
  • Matching sewing machine thread(or something that will be inconspicuous anyway:) and
  • All the other normal stuff – sewing machine, over locker (could do without this but it is much easier with it) scissors pins etc.
So first things first, print out the pattern, piece it together by matching up the indicator marks (circles with circles, triangles with triangles etc) and cut it out.
Next thing is to cut out  the pattern pieces – this is a lot easier to show than it is to write instructions for so check out the pics below for which parts of the original top you need to cut each of the pattern pieces from.
Cut the pants pattern from the sleeves of the top

Cut the pants pattern piece from the sleeves of the top (the wrists of the top form the ankles of the pants)

Repeat for the other leg of the pants

Repeat for the other leg of the pants

Cut pattern pieces for pants

Cut pattern pieces for pants

OK, so on to sewing. These instructions are written as though you have an overlocker, if you don’t you will just need to sew this with your sewing machine as you would any other stretch fabric.

Overlock the inner leg seam

Overlock the inner leg seam crotch to ankle

To make the pants. Turn the pieces inside out and overlock the inner leg seam from the crotch to the ankle as shown in the pic (I left the wristbands of the top intact so I only needed to sew down to where I started cutting). Repeat for both legs.

Slide one leg inside the other

Slide one leg inside the other and then overlock the crotch seam

Then turn one leg in the right way and then slide it into the other leg so that the right sides are together and the crotch seam lines up, as shown in the picture. These pants are the same front to back so you don’t need to worry about which side is the front.

Now overlock the seam all the way around.

Finish the top raw edge

Finish the top raw edge

Next, turn turn the pants inside out and finish the  top raw edge.

Create an elastic casing

Create an elastic casing

Create a casing for the elastic by folding the waist over about 3cm and sewing all the way around, close to the edge. (I do this with a double needle on my sewing machine, it gives a really great finish) Remember to leave a gap to insert your elastic.

Super cute tracksuit pants

Super cute tracksuit pants

Next, thread your elastic through the casing you have created and then sew the ends of the elastic together. Then sew the space in the casing closed.

Now your done – One pair of super cute tracksuit pants that even have room for a cloth nappy if you need it.


Stay tuned for PART 2 of this post – Cutting and sewing the top.