DIY Cloth Nappy Sprayer for under $30

For those of you that don’t know, we have a (relatively) new baby at our house which means two things: 1. lots of lovely new things to sew (when I get some time), and 2. lots of poopy nappies. Sadly this post pertains mainly to the latter.

With the laundry downstairs in our new house, I needed to be able to rinse poopy nappies upstairs somehow but was suprised at how expensive a nappy sprayer was. So I turned to DIY with some great results.

It is not really a sewing thing so I posted about it over at the Hatchlings Cloth Nappies blog but thought those of you with little ones still in cloth nappies might be interested – Enjoy.

DIY Nappy Sprayer diaper sprayer

DIY Nappy Sprayer

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