20 different takes on the M is for Moto Joggers

Well, the M is for Moto Joggers pattern is available in the shop now, and I wanted to quickly show you one of the versions I made while the pattern was in development.

(Apologies for the contrast-y pictures, it was a very bright day today and we were trying to take advantage of ‘nap time’ to take some pics, not ideal lighting.)

M is for Moto Joggers Floral Capri

Here I am mixing prints and feeling a bit cute wearing a hat 🙂

You will notice (or not notice as the case may be) that the super wide and strategically placed waistband is flattening out that bit of tummy, that post-kids is just not as firm??/flat?? (basically it sticks out a bit, all. the. time.) – Awesome.

m is for moto joggers floral capri2

This is the capri length in polyester/elastane knit. This fabric is silky soft, super stretchy and very light weight.

This wasn’t my favorite fabric to sew with, but I am happy with how they turned out, just something a bit different (all the while still feeling like you are wearing your PJ’s ).

Modeling is my calling.. Ha!

Obviously, modeling is my calling… Ha!  😉

Want to see some more different versions of this super flexible pattern? Beginning on Monday 26th Oct I have organised 20 or so amazing bloggers to test the pattern out and show us their versions. I will post up the schedule a bit closer to the date, so stay tuned.

As always, thanks for reading.

Liz xx


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