Sustainable Zero Waste Mum Sewing – I finally made something for myself

I would like to start this post by apologizing – 2 weeks ago, on Instagram, I promised a follow up to my kids swimwear posts (Sew… Some Stretchy Swimming caps [Pattern-for-pennies]Are freezer paper stencils possible on Lycra/Spandex?? and Super Summer Swim Bottoms [Pattern-for-pennies]). I promised to post a rash shirt pattern. Neither last weeks post or this post is delivering on that promise, and for that I am sorry (that post is still on the way though), but sometimes mamma just needs something new to wear!

I spent half a day on Saturday shopping, trying to find a suitably slouchy pair of harem dungarees to hang around in on weekends and found NOTHING!

I was so frustrated that I decided to design some, and I am so glad that I did. I took a zero waste approach, and just love the results!!

Zero Waste dungarees

There is nothing remarkable about the construction method, or the garment itself, apart from being super comfy, but the cutting layout is where it gets interesting. You can check it out for yourself below (this is not exactly to scale but you get the idea):

Zero Waste dungarees


I made the wearable muslin pictured from a vintage single bed sheet (got to love up-cycling) and then while I was on a roll I decided to indulge in some slow sewing and do the button holes by hand.

These were my first hand sewn button holes, and it was lovely to sit on the sofa and stitch while the kids played outside and my husband read his book. I think they turned out OK too. If you are interested in having a go yourself this is a good tutorial here.

Hand Sewn Button Hole

My husband thinks I have gone mad, and I will admit that this romper would be ‘cooler’ sewn from a charcoal linen, giving that chic minimalist look. However I absolutely love it, it couldn’t be more ‘me’ and I just couldn’t wait to share it in all it’s sustainable, zero waste, up-cycled, slow fashion glory.

If you have had a go at zero waste, sustainable or slow sewing. I would love to check out your creations – please comment and link up below so I can come by and check it out.

As always, thanks for reading




3 thoughts on “Sustainable Zero Waste Mum Sewing – I finally made something for myself

  1. I love the idea of zero waste sewing. I spend so long on each cutting out session trying to work out the most efficient use of fabric to pattern pieces. Block pieces like yours would make life so much easier!

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