Baby shoes Mk 2 - the finished product

Baby or Toddler Shoes – the update I promised (better late than never right?)

A little while ago I posted a pattern and instructions for some cute, but time consuming baby shoes. I mentioned at the time, that I had come up with a less time consuming method, well I have finally got around to writing the post. Better late than never I suppose.

Baby or toddler shoe in action

Baby or Toddler Shoes – are you a sewing nerd like me?


Are you a sewing nerd like me?

I found myself today, standing in front of the baby shoe section at the shops, there was a pair in my daughters size, they were perfectly presentable, and they were on special for $6.75. Instead of buying them however,I decided to spend the only available ‘baby sleeping time’ today making some instead.

What can I say, I am a sewing nerd, I have no logical justification for making these shoes, and I have no excuses that you can use either, but if you would like to have a go, the pattern is here and the instructions are below 🙂