zero waste home sewing

Zero Waste Home Sewing [an experiment]

If you get our weekly newsletter or follow me on Instagram you will have noticed a very definite ‘Zero Waste’ trend this last week. It all started last week when I first saw a video from Zero Waste Fashion label Tonle. This is their Kickstarter Video   I just loved this concept and couldn’t… hoodie to romper diy tutorial

Re-Fashionable Romper [Tutorial]

I was thrilled this year to be invited to be a part of Refashion Month with House of Estrela. If you have been reading the blog for a while you will know that this type of project is my jam – especially kids clothes, and I had an absolute ball with this one: Introducing the Re-Fashionable Romper!…

Sharpie art fabric finished product

Floral Fabric Art with Sharpies [Tutorial]

Just recently, I was looking for a small amount of floral knit fabric, enough to make a size 3 dress bodice and I ran into a couple of problems: I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, and I objected to paying $8 and upwards in postage plus the price of the fabric when…