Baby Legwarmers in 5 minutes for $3.50

Baby leg warmers in action

Baby leg warmers in action

I have been wanting to get some leg warmers for our little one. We are doing a little toilet training, and getting all those winter layers on and off every time she needs to use the potty is a little tiresome.

Leg warmers are fab, one less thing to take off, and she doesn’t get so cold sitting on the potty. But at around $15 per pair…

…well like I tell my husband, It’s not that I don’t have it, I would just rather spend it on a Caribbean holiday:)


When I saw the idea for these baby leg warmers on Cut Sew Repeat (which is a really cool sewing blog) I couldn’t help but try them out.

The tutorial is ace, and has lots of pictures. The best thing is, these only took me 5 minutes per pair to make, and the raw materials (some ladies knee high socks) were on special at Target, and cost only $3.50 per pair!

Ladies socks for legwarmer project

BEFORE – A pile of ladies knee high socks purchased on sale

Sock to legwarmer conversion

AFTER (5 mins after) – Baby Leg Warmers

The only thing I did differently to the tutorial, was to use my overlocker to join the cuffs on, that way I could adjust the differential feed to deal with the stretch of the fabric. However, as you can plainly see from the Cut Sew Repeat tutorial, this is not really necessary, I am just a bit of a perfectionist about these things 🙂

My only other thing to add (as this post is more ‘show and tell’ than it is ‘instructions’) is an idea:

If you are wanting to make some little knee pads for your crawler, I think some regular length ladies socks treated the same way would work a treat, and would be cooler in summer.

If you are after baby leg warmers, even if you are new to sewing, give this project a go. I think you will be pleased with the results.


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