Draft and sew your own wool and fleece nappy covers

Wool soaker in action

Wool soaker in action

If you have a little one in cloth nappies/diapers and you were looking for a natural cover solution you may have come across wool covers (which are fantastic but I won’t go into all the benefits here – google it, you will be amazed) but then been bowled over by the price.

Wool covers can go for anything up to $60 each, which is warrented given the manufacturing involved but just plain out of our price range. The good news is, wool is a fantastic fabric for upcycling. You can get a second hand merino wool jumber at the local thrift shop for around $7.50 (I am sure a lot less if you know where to look) and one jumper will make 2 covers making them under $4 each which is a much more attractive proposition.

If you would like to have a go at making the cover above, check out my series on drafting a pattern and sewing a wool or fleece nappy cover on my other blog here

Here is a few more pics of the finished product:

Hatchlings Wool Soaker free pattern

What the soaker looks like all sewn up

Wool Shorties soaker

Action shot

2 thoughts on “Draft and sew your own wool and fleece nappy covers

  1. Love my wool! Yep you can upcycle any wool garment into nappy covers and soakers. Your pattern is fab. Will def be having a go, I really like how you have the little leg bits. Cheers, Marion 🙂

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